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Short roadmap laying out future development

March 29th 2011, 9:26 pm

We base our decisions on your feedback. Below is an overview of the larger goals and features 280daily is working towards. As always, thank you for your continued support and feedback!

Plan for April

  • Grid layout when viewing entries – switching from a traditional linear layout to a grid layout (with the option to switch back).
  • Additional character quota – an additional 500 characters a month, which can be used for those days where simply too much happened.

May onwards

  • Ability to change the look and feel of 280daily.
  • Book export – fully featured.
  • Improve PDF export functionality – more control over appearance, layout and content.
  • More date based relation – increasing the possibilities regarding to linking to other entries.
  • More settings – even more control over 280daily.
  • Improved photo support – better galleries and photo integration.

Native mobile apps

Native mobile apps for mobile devices such as iOS and Android are being put on hold. Getting a mobile app right isn’t easy, at this point in time 280daily can’t invest the time and resources into creating the high quality app we’d want to put out there. 280daily has a fully featured mobile interface and we’ll keep working to improve it.

Startups are rightfully being forced into the mobile market-place, but we’ve always been of the mind-set that because 280 characters doesn’t take a great deal of time, it’s something you can sit down at your computer to do at the end of the day. But we don’t want to dictate how you should use 280daily. This is why it’s important that those who want to post quickly from their mobile have the ability to. At this point in time, mobile email clients seem to be the answer.

Hopefully this is a helpful overview, please submit any questions, feedback or requests you have. If you could also take the time to leave a review on the Google Chrome Web Store and ‘like’ 280daily on Facebook that’d be really appreciated too!

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