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How do you pronounce 280daily?

We like to pronounce it two-eighty-daily, has a nice ring to it, don't you think? But it's really up to you!

Do I have to write exactly 280 characters?

Don't be silly! You just have to write any amount no more than 280 characters. You also have an additional monthly quota for those days when 280 isn't quite enough.

How can I contact you?

The best way is to use our feedback form.

How much does 280daily cost?

280daily will always be free! However we do offer premium services such as export to book and PRO.

What do you do with feedback?

We read through it, respond to you if you've given us an email address and then we will fix/create whatever your feedback is if we like it!

Why 280 characters?

140 characters is a great length for saying something meaningful if you use your characters carefully. Seeing as you'll be writing about your whole day, we thought we'd give you twice as much.

Is 280 characters enough?

Summing up your day in 280 characters is a skill. A lot can happen in a day and creating a succinct entry can be a lot more difficult than waffling on for 2000 words. 280 character entries are powerful because your memory can fill in all the details... we hope.

What if I've had a really really busy day?

For those days when 280 characters isn't enough, you have an extra monthly quota starting at 500 characters. You can gain an extra 250 characters per month for every new user you recommend to 280daily.

How many words is 280 characters?

It's roughly 50 words.

I have Facebook/Twitter, why do I need 280daily?

Facebook and Twitter share your entries with everyone. 280daily entries are private and for your own personal record.

Do you have a legal disclaimer?

Yes, you can find it here, Legal Disclaimer.

Do you read my entries?

Your entries are your business. We don't look at them. We don't share them. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Do you have a mascot?

Yes, the bearded dragon!

Can I follow you on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo?

Yes, scroll all the way to the bottom... all the way. There you'll find 4 links to these sites.

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280daily PRO

What is 280daily PRO?

PRO provides additional functionality for a small recurring fee, find out more about PRO.

How do I set up my custom character limit?

In your settings under "New Entry", simply enter your limit in the "Character limit" field.

How do I set up quick account switching?

In your settings under "Account Switch", add in any additional email addresses you would like to quickly switch between. All accounts must have the same password.

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Will you remind me to update?

By default we send out a daily email at 4pm, you change how often we remind/nag you in your settings under "Notifications". We currently give the options to be notified; never, once a day, every other day or once a week.

How do I unsubscribe from email reminders?

In your settings under "Notifications", simply select "Never".

What is the "Day of note" checkbox for?

It does two things. It highlights those entries marked as a "Day of note" on the "View Previous 280s" page. It makes these entries searchable (go to search, and tick the checkbox), this allows you to view only the days that were important. If you don't like that particular title (Day of note), you can change this in your settings under "New Entry". You can make it your own, for example, you could set it as, "This was an awesome day!".

Can I print all my 280s?

You can! Head to "Export" when you're logged in. You can export to PDF and CSV as well!

Can I edit my entries?

Of course, simply view your entry and click the edit link just below the entry.

Can I rearrange my account overview boxes?

Yep, just drag them around to your favorite position. You can add and remove them in your settings under "Account Overview".

Can I upload a photo with my entry?

Yes, just click the "Add Photo" link under your entry. With PRO you can also email in photos with entries.

I want to submit yesterday's entry, not today's as soon as I login!

Very demanding! If you would like to do this, simply access your settings and the "On Logon" tab. This will allow you to choose exactly where you are redirected when you log in.

Are you secured with SSL?

Yes, all account pages are secured with COMODO 256bit encryption.

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Why isn't there a 'Remember Me' checkbox at login?

Sure, it's nice not to ever have to enter your password, but imagine if someone logged onto your computer, they would have access to 280daily without logging in! Instead, we use a cookie to save your email address, that way you still have to enter your password, but not your email address. It only takes a moment to enter your password and it keeps your 280daily private.

What if I want to write an essay about my day?

With 280daily PRO you can set your own custom limit and add as many characters as you need on the fly.

Will you be releasing an API?

Sorry, due to the private nature of 280daily, we wouldn't want to take that risk.

Can I login with Facebook or Twitter?

280daily is completely unsociable! To keep everything as secure as possible, you can only use our login system. Signing up takes 30 seconds.

Can I change the background?

We're looking to improve the background by including an animated GIF of a cat playing the keyboard. Let us know what you think!

Can I switch off SSL?

It would make everything slightly faster as SSL involves a lot of encryption. However, we don't provide the ability to switch off SSL as your privacy is simply too important to us!

Why isn't there a character countdown when I write an entry?

You must have javascript disabled. Try switching it on.

Why am I not receiving emails?

Try checking your junk and add to your safe list. If you've done all that and you're still not receiving anything, please send us some feedback with details of your email provider.

Why don't I have to choose a username?

280daily isn't public, so there is no real need for a username, it would just be another thing to remember.

Are you trying to compete with Twitter?

Nope. That would be silly! Not only do we provide a different way of doing things, but the concept is completely opposite. The only thing we have in common is a character limit.

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280daily doesn't seem right on my mobile phone!

Please let us know what phone you have and we'll look into it. We've checked 280daily on the major mobile platforms (iPhone, Android etc). Try visiting

Do you have an iPhone app?

We're working on it! We have designed our website to be very mobile friendly, adding 280daily to your home screen is a great temporary solution!

Do you have an Android app?

We're working on that too!

Do you have a Blackberry app?

It's not a priority, but I'm sure we'll get around to it eventually.

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Account Questions

Can I change my email?

Yes! You'll find that option in your settings. You must confirm your new email address though.

I've forgotten my password!

You'd forget your head if it wasn't screwed on! Reset Password.

How can I delete my account?

You can permanently delete your account by navigating to your settings and then the bottom option, "Delete Account". There is no turning back after you have deleted your account, so don't be hasty!