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280 days of 280daily

October 22nd 2011, 12:18 pm

280 days have flown by, but 280daily has a long way to go. Thank you to everyone who has jumped in and made the most of 280daily! Everyone loves statistics, in the spirit of openness, below you’ll find a general overview of 280daily’s growth and users. Slow but natural, 280daily is self-funded so we’re very happy with the numbers!

We know 280daily isn’t for everyone, currently 15% of users delete their account, which accounts for 750 users. We’ve received 607 feedback messages, made up of 22% ideas, 9% questions, 59% compliments, 4% problems and 6% other.

Many of the features that we wanted to launch this year will be moved to mid to late 2012. However, the book feature has been requested quite heavily. So we will be releasing the first version of the book export feature 8th January 2012.

As always, keep your feedback coming!

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