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Official launch + Featured on TheNextWeb

January 15th 2011, 10:42 pm

280daily launched officially a little earlier today. We’re already starting to gain some traction due to an excellent post on TheNextWeb by Brad.

“With being bound to the limit of 280 characters, it challenges you to be pithy and only highlight what really mattered from your day. The other factor that I really love about 280daily is that it’s highly optimized for mobile. Viewing the page from your iPhone, Android device or just about any modern, mobile browser is a joy. Entries are easy to do with a 280 character limit, and I think that should make for more consistent journaling, at least on my part.”

As well as providing a great overview of 280daily, Brad also made a feature suggestion, so we’ll be working on introducing the option of uploading an image with your entry. We’ll let you know once we’ve implemented the ability to upload a photo with your post.

To those of you already signed up… thanks!

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